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Your eye in SKY

Simple, cost effective setup. Ships with all of the BigSky standard contents plus a GoPro HERO4, 3-axis brushless gimbal, and a second DX9 controller.

Industrial Carbon Fiber Frame with foldable arms for easy pack down
Flight Controller + GPS + Data Telemetry
2 x  22 000mAh 6s Batteries
4 x  26" Carbon Fiber Propellers
4 x  High Efficiency Motors
Dual LIPO battery charger
High output power supply for charger
Universal floating mount
1 x  GoPro camera with 3-axis brushless gimbal
2 x  DX9 Radio Controllers
Pelican Case
Ground station app available for download (tablet or PC required)

This BigSky UAV comes assembled and ready to fly. The craft does not require tools for assembly.
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PATRIOT's BIG SKY Drones Series
The Big Sky is a high endurance battery powered UAV (drone) platform ideally suited for customized filming, surveying, mapping, inspection, and precision agriculture data gathering. This UAV is capable of fully autonomous missions of up to 60-minute duration with payload.

Capture critical decision making data like never before by adding an advanced sensor camera package optimized for cinema, agriculture, or industrial use.

Designed for maximum endurance and lift, the BigSky features a universal floating mount to attach a gimbal and confidently fly up to a 4kg (8.8 lbs) payload. Guided by a state of the art flight control system with built in safety features, the BigSky offers autonomous flight or manual control for maximum flexibility in the field. Waypoint missions are controlled via a laptop or tablet-based ground control station.

Easy to fly, powerful, and packs down in about a minute. Featuring an industrial carbon fiber frame with tool-less assembly, foldable arms, and legs that fold up or detach from the arms for quick, easy setup and transport