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BIG SKY Drones Series

The Big Sky is a high endurance battery powered UAV (drone) platform ideally suited for customized filming, surveying, mapping, inspection, and precision agriculture data gathering.

This UAV is capable of fully
autonomous missions of up
to 60-minute duration with
High Technology Defense & Security Systems
We invest in high technology defense, security and safety systems in order all the time you be safe.
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HoverMast & HoverLight Observation Drone Systems

Whether your mission is locating illegal attempting to cross your border, crowd control at a political rally, or perhaps increasing security at your local electricity plant, PATRIOT's HoverMast and HoverLight system, tethered hovering machine, combines engineering genius and innovative materials to provide exceptional observation and surveillance capabilities.
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Our Drone Tracker Detects All Kinds of Drones!

Based on multiple parameters such as noise, shape, and movement patterns, it is unlike any other drone warning system able to reliably detect all types of drones. Our Drone Tracker guards against spying, smuggling, potential terrorist attacks and invasions of personal privacy.
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