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PATRIOT RISK MANAGEMENT provides a focused range of services and options against the threat of piracy. Our teams are following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which has been proved most effective in an emergency situation.

Detailed briefings and tasks are developed specifically for each vessel and provided to the operator and the crew while security installations checked and action drills take place before the vessel enters high risk areas.

Teams are utilize group transits and national convoys and provide assistance in registering of vessel’s movement with the relevant authorities.
OPS Center

Through our OPS Center we monitor all of the incoming emails and phone calls, providing reports and intelligence updates concerning piracy activity, taking into account among other the Intel products of UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO), Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa (MSCHOA), NATO Shipping Centre (NSC), and US Navy Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).

Our OPS software can live track (through satellite connection) vessel positions, piracy alerts and weather conditions and provide direct feedback to our operations staff. A direct line of communication with our security teams allows this information to be fed to the transit in real time.

We officially operate as transit coordinators and OPS Center of other Maritime Security Companies,  providing with flexibility, accuracy and professionalism - within a very short time - a ready to serve marsec teams in order your property and your crew all the time to be safe.
PATRIOT is one of the very few Companies worldwide with more than ...
1,000 full mission sets & relevant experience personnel in MarSec Industry
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