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PATRIOT provides maritime  security  and close protection training programs and certified courses to companies, security professionals, governments, agencies and corporate executives. offers a comprehensive range of training services. Using expertise built over many years and supported by the most up-to-date intelligence, they can be delivered anywhere in the world.

In unique co-operations with international certified security and training companies,we provide a complete security training solutions in all levels.

Our "Qualification Courses" have as result the issuance of either a Certificate or Diploma upon completion.

Each qualification contains a series of core and elective units of competency, each unit of competency can be delivered as an individual course, we call these short courses, completion of a short course results in the issue of a Statement of Attainment.
Basic training in personal firearms

- Safety
- Shooting techniques and positions
- Combat techniques & movement drills

Basic training in hand to hand combat

- Hand & Legs Attack
- Defense techniques
- Defense / Disarm
- Aggressive/Decisiveness behavior
- Full contact combat exercise

Tactical drills

- Routine scenarios
- Emergency scenarios
- Security planning
Theoretical Lecturers

- Combat principles
- The enemy Modus Operandi
- VIP Protection practical principals
- VIP Protection at Event
- VIP Protection at Hotel
- VIP Protection at Motorcade 
- Advance operation
- Assassins throughout the history
- Case studies

Security Professions

- Basic Operational and Tactical driving
- Bomb Sweeping
- Basic Profiling and security checks
Maritime Security

- Pirates' modus operandi
- Case Studies
- Risk Assessment prior voyage
- International rules and regulations
- Advanced procedures
- Ship Security Officer (SSO)
- Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)
- STCW 95
- First Aid / Basic and Combat
- Weapons Management & Handling
- Psychometric Evaluation
- On board tactical Training
The people we well train and prepare have the ability to operate in hostile environments, giving the highest level of professional protection currently available