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Full MarSec Services to Mega Yachts and Fishing Ships
“Prevention is better than cure”

Yacht as well as Fishing Ships security cannot be ignored, as piracy threat expanding its areas of existence and targeting such ships as well as merchant vessels.

Our security-specialist teams and shore-based company personnel will ensure that your ship (yacht or fishing) asset is worldwide safeguarded.

PATRIOT provides highly experienced personnel on board your yacht/Fishing Ship and have tailor made anti-piracy security solutions and plans with continuous monitoring on security-related issues, 24/7 on call assistance, security assessments, surveys and inspections, emergency drills and exercises.

Securing fishing vessels requires security teams trained for extended missions, and familiar with the area and with counter-piracy techniques. Our teams enable fishing vessel to safely and efficiently exploit fishing areas, regardless of threats by deterring potential aggressors.

Piracy should be taken into account when traveling through areas of high risk which include the coast of Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Yemen. The potential danger of kidnapping and robbery on the high seas is a reality especially for high value individuals and their assets.
Our security teams embark and disembark at locations selected by the customer, with minimal disruption to the vessel’s schedule.
Our teams come with all necessary equipment and are certified to carry licensed firearms.
Our security team maintains continuous watch and remains alert throughout the transit, supported by regular updates dispatched from our operations center and from local authorities providing early warning of possible threats.
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